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Many have faith In the Neweat Fitness Craze – Christian Yoga. Octobre 4, 2005.

Christian yoga sweeps the US. Jeremy Cooke reports from New York.

More on the CNN Debate "Does God Approve of Yoga?" Video Breaking News Videos from CNN.
Christoga - Christian Yoga

Yoga goes Christian amid criticism. NBC. November 07, 2005.

Western faiths begin to connect with yoga. Anita Wadhwani. Tennessean. January, 2007.

HAF protests christian appropriation of yoga. Letters to Editor of Time Magazine. Swaminathan Venkataraman & Mihir Meghani. Hindu American Foundation. September 5, 2005.

Christian yoga classes encourage poses and Prayer. Katie Zezima / New York Times. September 17, 2005. Christians get into a devil of a twist over yoga. The Indepent. October, 1997.

Stretching for Jesus. Time. August 29, 2005.
Christian yoga ? Christian Research Service

Christian Yoga Satans Playground part1 of 2. mai 10, 2009.
Satans deceptive plan to decieving the flock into believeing theres nothing wrong with yoga repackaged into Christian yoga.

Christian Yoga Satans Playground part 2 of 2. mai 10, 2009.

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Christian Yoga Certification. www.ehow.com

Yoga and Church: 'Is practiced by tens of thousands' in Finland. Examiner.com. September 20, 2009.

Can a pagan practice be “christianized ? – Yoga. Marsha West. NewsWithViews.com. January 25, 2008.

Yoga renamed is still Hindu. Subbhas R. Tiwari, teacher at Hindu University. Hinduis Today. January/February/March, 2006.

Christian Yoga C’mon ! Marsha West. NewsWithViews.com. December 23, 2006.

There is no Christian yoga. Yogi Baba, Vedavisharada, CYI, C.ay, C.va. conversionagenda.blogspot.com. October 23, 2006.

Can yogic practices be integrated with the Christian faith? Pastor Larry DeBruyn. Franklin Road Baptist Church. May 22, 2006.

Christian Yoga - The new appropriation Strategy of delinking yoga from Hinduism. June 02, 2005.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Christian yoga. Scripture yoga.

"Christian Yoga". OrthodoxePhoto.com. Christian Yoga: Oxymoron By Brian Flynn of One Truth Minsitries. Brian is a former New Ager.

Christian Yoga: Oxymoron By Brian Flynn of One Truth Minsitries. Brian is a former New Ager.

Can one Christianize Eastern religious practices? By Brian Flynn of One Truth Minsitries.


The Kundalini Effect and Contemplative Prayer. By Brian Flynn of One Truth Minsitries.

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