Definition - Qi gong psychotic reaction

Qi gong psychotic reaction. DSM-IV-TR.
American Psychiatric Association. Masson, Paris, 2003, ISBN
Qigong deviation syndrome. (CCTM-2). DSM.

Shan. HH Dr. (2000). Culture-bound psychiatric disorders associated with qigong practice in China. Hong Kong J Psychiatry, 10(3):12-14). [Article] [cases]

"There is a specific diagnostic category in the CCMD-2.3 The definition can be translated as follows: “Qigong deviation reactionsyndrome/mental disorder associated with Qigong ischaracterised by incorrect methods, exercise misuse or overmeditation, too much Qigong or maintaining the Qigong state for too long, with the appearance of some somatic or psychological disturbances during the early phase of Qigong practice. Thinking disorders, disorders of mood, and disorders of behaviour may appear.”

The diagnostic criteria include the following:

• The onset of the mental disorder occurs after Qigong practice.
• The syndrome is associated with some kind of Qigong method in a book or identified by a Qigong instructor, with abnormal language and uncontrolled behaviour, which does not cease after Qigong practice has stopped.
• The mental disorder cannot be classified or excludes the following conditions: - the condition is a result of self-treatment or treatment by others for a physical or psychological aim - the condition is aimed at cheating others - the condition can be self-induced or stopped at will
• The mental disorder cannot be diagnosed according to the CCMD-2.

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